Strategic Commercial Development

Chief Revenue Officer

Delivering measurable growth-focused initiatives

Strategic Thinking

  • ORIGINATE, structure and negotiate complex partnership deals to deliver value to the business; focused on annuity income, margin enhancement, cash flow generation.
  • IMPLEMENT strategies focused on customer acquisition, retention and loyalty.
  • EXECUTE model and deliver end-to-end business plans. Analyse financial metrics and assumptions driving financial projections. Build out the financial model to support the business case.
  • NEGOTIATE partnership strategies intended to drive and sustain growth in measurable cash flow.
  • IDENTIFY new areas of strategic value and effective methodologies to prioritize and tackle them.
  • STRUCTURE¬†functional OKR’s and KPI’s to support growth and development.

The future belongs to those who choose not to own it

Commercial Execution

  • CONCEPTUALIZE, structure and assess the commercial viability of new products & services as well as enhance existing functions and processes.
  • ANALYSE, measure and report on financial metrics and key business drivers.
  • PERFORM detailed due diligence on potential partnership targets or strategic acquisitions. Additionally, to identify measurable performance metrics and business drivers.
  • IDENTIFY milestones for measuring management performance and the analysis and reporting thereon.
  • DELIVER strategic and commercial insights in support of the CEO’s decision making.
  • INITIATE and close equity, debt and working capital funding. Manage the commercial relationship with investors, banks and other stakeholders.
  • OVERSEE the successful execution and delivery of all finance function deliverables. Including, financial management & monthly accounts, management and shareholder reporting, tax, regulatory and legal.

The economics of subscription outweigh the egocentricity of ownership

Digital Monetisation

Implementing strategic commercial development. Chiefly, focusing on implementing value in the following areas.

  • PROVIDE commercial insights, with regard to digital platform economics.
  • EXECUTE strategies to monetise business products and services.
  • IMPLEMENT policies to deliver loyalty and leverage networks
  • OPTIMISE commercial partnerships leveraging Network Effects,¬†

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