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 Educational videos on the benefits of digital disruption & the subscription economy by Clive Angel

I am sharing my YouTube video channel to inspire others, through my work experiences and learnings. Through sharing my ideas and insights I hope to play a contributory role to guide small business owners and entrepreneurs. My intention above all is to provide them with insights so they can execute successfully on their own business strategies and growth aspirations.

I believe that digital platforms will create all sorts of networked communities and as a result of network effects within these user groups, traditional supply chain economics along with customer attitudes will be disrupted. The platform economy will create opportunities for all users to contribute their feedback. This will empower customers and employees with a voice. This feedback will result in streamlined business processes resulting in cost efficiencies which will benefit all parties.

Subscription business models, [ read here Clive’s-insights-on-the-subscription-economy ],   provide customers with real-time access to and the use of products and services as required, without incurring the upfront capital and ongoing maintenance costs. In parallel suppliers benefit from a predictable and measurable annuity based income streams. One of my favourite quotes on the subject for the reason that it sums up the trade-off between subscribing for services and owning assets. “The economics of subscription outweigh the egocentricity of ownership”. It depicts most importantly the trade-off between the use and convenience we enjoy from services and the materialistic pleasure we get from owning assets.

It is no doubt an exciting time to be a business owner, an employee and a customer. No doubt as a consequence, of the ever-increasing networked economy the interests of all three user groups will become more aligned. One of the outcomes of digitisation will be a mutually interdependent

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