Accomplished professional with success in financial operations, strategic development, and business growth.

Growth-focused leader with successful experience and understanding of 2-sided network effects, start-up operations, machine learning, crowdsourcing, business development, digital platforms, and subscription-based business models.


Business Strategy

To successfully transform unpredictable revenue streams into reliable annuity based subscriptions.

Customer Demand

To learn to measure customer demand and revenues with a degree of certainty.

Customer Centric

To create a customer centric environment whereby consumers dictate the services they require.

Over 25 years financial and e-commerce experience in London and South Africa.

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The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

Scott Galloway has put together an interesting and always thought provoking analysis of what I would say are 4 of the greatest business success stories of the modern era. Galloway provides an insight into the entrepreneurs behind the businesses, the industries they have disrupted and the organisations that have been created. It is an interesting and entertaining book highly recommended.

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