Chartered Accountant CA(SA) | Accomplished professional with success in financial operations, strategic development, and business growth.

Clive is a growth-focused financial professional with diverse experience. Specifically, spanning business development, start-up operations, digital platform network effects. As well as, subscription business models.


Business Strategy

To successfully transform unpredictable revenue streams into reliable annuity based subscriptions.

Customer Demand

To learn to measure customer demand and revenues with a degree of certainty.

Customer Centric

To create a customer centric environment whereby consumers dictate the services they require.

Chartered Accountant CA(SA)

Financial, Commercial and Digital expertise 

London, UK | JHB, SA.

What is

Blitzscaling: The Lightning-Fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies

An informative book based on real world challenges and experiences. Even if you not scaling a new concept or idea the authors offer key elements of business strategy and execution that apply to creating success for any business scenario.

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